Get BitCrystals


SoGSignUp2Sign up on the Spells of Genesis website

Early supporters of Spells of Genesis who sign up on before the beginning of the BitCrystals Token Sale are rewarded with free BitCrystals. These BitCrystals will appear as credits on each account and can only be claimed after the Token Sale.

foldingcoinlogoEarn BitCrystals by Mining Medicine

Until May 27th 2015, you can participate in Merged Folding on to earn BitCrystals. 100,000 BitCrystals were set aside for this giveaway, to contribute to research for the computational development of medicines to fight diseases like Cancer. Click here to learn how to start folding.

CounterpartyDEXBuy BitCrystals on the Counterparty Decentralized Exchange Market

Trade XCP, BTC, or any other asset for BitCrystals on the Counterparty DEX. The BitCrystals available on the DEX before the Token Sale are those which were earned from Merged Folding. Click here to to set up a Counterwallet.

logo bitcrystal
Buy BitCrystals during the BitCrystals Token Sale

70,000,000 BitCrystals will be made available for purchase during the BitCrystals Token Sale on our website and crowdsale platform.

tradingviapcBuy BitCrystals from anyone after the Token Sale

After the BitCrystals Token Sale, you can get BitCrystals from other BitCrystals owners.