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BitCrystals: Fueling the Spells of Genesis Game Economy

Spells of Genesis (SoG) is an upcoming mobile game with a storyline based on bitcoin and game economy driven by its growing crypto community. By purchasing BitCrystals, the initial backers of the BitCrystals Token Sale will contribute to the development of the game. Upon its launch, players will, in turn, give back to the backers (BitCrystals owners), fueling what we believe will be the first onchain economy game ever made.

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When purchasing game items such as card packs in Spells of Genesis, players will have the option to use their local currency on the Google Play/AppStore or BitCrystals in the secondary market. Here’s how it works:

When a player purchases a card pack via Google Play/AppStore

Each time a player purchases a card pack via Google Play/AppStore using their local currency, EverdreamSoft will buy back 50% of its value in BitCrystals from backers (anyone who owns BitCrystals) and burn them in order to issue a new card pack.




When a player purchases a card pack using BitCrystals

If a player uses BitCrystals to purchase new cards and game items from the secondary market, EverdreamSoft keeps 50% of the BitCrystals and sends the other 50% to Gutenberg (Gutenberg is our project codename for the platform which burns BitCrystals).