What are BitCrystals?


BitCrystals are tradable Counterparty assets which act as the game-fuel and premium currency in EverdreamSoft’s upcoming free-to-play mobile game Spells of Genesis (SoG) and flagship trading card game Moonga. They can be used to enhance gaming experience like buying card packs or unlocking new features.

Why We’re Using BitCrystals

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We believe players should have full ownership of their game items. Once a player acquires a game asset, they should be free to own and transfer it. Unlike in other games, we believe a player should be able to keep their assets outside the game database and be completely independent with it. Once they own a game item, they could even find alternative uses for it in other games.

Our aim is to transform the free-to-play mobile game economy by creating a fairer ecosystem where players freely share and trade their digital assets, the same way they can do so with physical objects in real life.

A New Way of Crowdfunding

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BitCrystals can be bought in advance of the game’s launch. When you buy them, you become a backer of the SoG project. This means you get rewarded with the game’s premium currency while funding its development. The value of BitCrystals is linked to SoG’s popularity.


Since the BitCrystals supply is limited, the game assets that one BitCrystals will unlock will vary according to the demand of the game asset.

For example, let’s say we create a special card called the Black Dragon which will be sold for BitCrystals. We’re going to sell part of our BitCrystals reserve for players who want to acquire the Black Dragon card. Since we only hold 15’000’000 BitCrystals – if there are only 15 players who play the game, we will probably sell the Black Dragon card for 1’000’000 BitCrystals per card.

However, if there are 15’000’000 players who want 1 Black Dragon card, then to cover the demand we will sell the Black Dragon card for 1 BitCrystals each. Therefore, the player who purchases BitCrystals during the token sale will be able to get many more Black Dragon cards according to the number of BitCrystals they hold.


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